From Warrior (Letter 11)

Warrior - Serving 14 years for kidnapping and aggravated assault. Half Hispanic and Scottish-Irish with family still in Mexico. Brought up by a family steeped in drug commerce. He writes some of the best prison-fight stories on the Internet.

I apologize for the absence in writing. Geez, where should I begin? Well, after a few hospital emergency-room visits, a civil federal lawsuit, and a new prison yard later, here I am still fighting for my life, fighting the system in court.

They still have yet to figure out what is wrong with me i.e.) they still have yet to put forth serious effort to investigate what’s wrong.

There is something wrong with my stomach. I’m in pain daily and have dropped weight. When a lot of old faces saw me, they tripped out because I used to have some size on me. They thought I was strung out on dope. Hopefully, it is just ulcers and not tumours in the stomach. I’m pushing for a referral to a GI specialist.

After 11 months, they tested me for H. pylori, but when they finally decided to treat me, I was under-treated. Now my concern is that the H. pylori ran undiagnosed to such a degree that it has caused something more severe. I’m having stomach pains, nausea and vomiting.

In my head. I find it ironic that I have endured so much, that I am so close to going home, yet I may have developed something as serious as cancer.

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Shaun Attwood


Jason said...

Even the toughest fall to the slow killers.I hope it is something simple that can be treated and get you to a road of recovery. Stay strong

~Big Jason

not supergirl said...

Best of luck to Warrior in getting appropriate treatment. Maybe it's something as simple as gallstones? Obviously, I can't really guess based on a snippet of information (and I'm also not a doctor, unless Google starts awarding MDs), but I can tell you I had excruciating pain when I had gallbladder attacks due to gallstones. And the fix is a simple surgery! Even the diagnosis can be done by an inexpensive ultrasound, though it's often missed and mistaken for something else. Good luck in getting healthy and getting out!