True Stories Told Live

These pics just came in from a story-telling event I did earlier this month in London called True Stories Told Live. I was one of six speakers. I only had ten minutes to talk, not easy to do as I'm used to speaking for one-hour. The event sold out. The audience was about 240 people.

 Impression of T-Bone

Impression of my former cellmate, BHF, a serial home invader torturer who would break into houses and take a hammer to people's kneecaps.
 Impression of Xena about to cut his man parts off.

Video of me high on the buzz of telling my story at TSTL. It was an amazing experience and any raconteurs who would like to give it a go should contact David Hepworth or Kerry Shale at TSTL. 

Shaun Attwood

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