The Sheriff Joe Arpaio Jail Experience (by Will) 

I recently received this by email: 

I spent about two weeks in the Maricopa county jail back in 1985 long before Joe Arpaio was sheriff. I was in for drunk in public and they put me in the same holding cell downtown Shaun was in. This was before there were up to 60 men, there were "only" about 30 max in my time (but still too crowded).

There is a memory I'd like to forget, but I can't shake it, and I still wonder if it was real and this is the first I've ever told it. It was packed in there with nowhere to sit. I just stood as close to the door as I could, but there was this black guy sitting on the toilet with his pants down around his ankles, jerking off and singing "please release me let me go, I can't take in this jailhouse no-mo'" to the tune of Englebert Humperdinck's Release Me. When he came all over a bunch of guys sitting on the floor around him, they pummelled him good. As they beat him, he didn't put up any resistance, he just laughed and smiled and thanked them all like he had just put on the greatest show of his life. It still shocks me, thinking about it.


Jason said...

damn thats gross. im surprised he didnt get his head smashed in earlier. thanks for sharing the story.

~Big Jason

Anonymous said...

Gotta say these conditions sound horrific. I'm glad they're horrific.

Wanna know how to avoid them?


It's simple.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Don't touch other people or their stuff.
And don't ignore people who post rules like, "no drugs" or "no trespassing."

It's amazing how easy it is to NOT get prison-raped when you simply follow directions.

sheeeesh. dumbasses.

Webby said...

Hardly the point, anon - The punishment aspect of prison is loss of liberty, not being raped and brutalised. Though, being an American, you're more than likely too stupid to know that.

Seriously, how can a yank refer to ANYONE as a dumbass?

George Donnelly said...

Anon, it's not that simple. The author was imprisoned and tortured just for having imbibed. He didn't violate any of your rules.

Jason said...


how can a yank call someone a dumbass?

answer- by calling them a "webby".

~Big Jason