Abingdon and Harefield Academy School Visits

Been a busy week at schools. Went to Dover for a second time, followed by 750-year-old Abingdon School in Oxfordshire - a visit that came about because one of their professors saw my first media story back in 2002, kindly wrote to me in prison, and mailed me books.

Over lunch, he revealed what a fan of prison shows and books he is. Our conversation in the chow hall- surrounded by staff and students - turned some heads:
"The worst gang rape scene has got to be in Fish: A Boy in a Man's prison," I said.
"Read it. It made me sick. There was quite a lot of shanking in..."
"What about the cockroach babies growing out of the side of the prisoner's neck in the Damage Done?"
"And they shanked his neck open to get them out."

I emailed him afterwards with a recommendation to watch this Aryan Brotherhood documentary on YouTube.

Great to meet you finally too. I left your school on a high, reflecting on how we used to correspond and now here I am at your school. Really appreciate the invite.

He emailed back with a recommendation to watch this Banged-Up Abroad video.

I know its quite amazing when you think I sent you a couple of books
in prison never expecting to meet you and then you end up talking
about your experiences at my school - what are the chances of that? It's
also amazing to think you survived that terrible experience. I remember
reading the Guardian article and thinking how awful it must be. Watch banged up
abroad on Youtube - this is the link to the Venezuala episode - you should
approach them and ask them to do your story

Next week, I'm speaking at Westminster School and St Alban's. The City of London police are attending the Westminster talk.

Shaun Attwood

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Jonathan Shock said...

Funny to see the name Abingdon School jump out of the page having spent seven years there myself. Glad you enjoyed the visit!