SJB Visit in Woking

After the tremendous reception I had from Year 10 last July, it was great to start out doing my drug and prison talks this academic year at St John the Baptist School. The talk was supposed to be for Year 12, 140 students, but the contact teacher advised me that word of my visit had leaked, and other year groups may try to sneak in.

Walking to the room, I was mobbed by students who’d heard the previous talk there. The room ended up packed with about 300 students, wall to wall, sat on the floor. My student readers were loud and dramatic, but the first reading I doled out was accidentally the version I use for my adult talks of the SWAT team raid, containing the F word in it multiple times. Some of the teachers eyes widened. I immediately explained my error and apologized to much laughter. Thank goodness it wasn’t Year 8! The students asked questions for almost half an hour after the one hour was up, and even after the teachers cleared them out, a group stayed asking further questions.

After the last SJB talk I did a book signing at Woking,Waterstone’s that sold out thanks to SJB students taking over the store. Hoping to repeat the success, I’ve scheduled another Woking, Waterstone’s book signing for Saturday September 17th, 2011 from 12.30pm until 4pm at The Peacock's Centre. Students are welcome to dress in prison stripes and help flyer the mall

Video with SJB student from previous talk 

Shaun Attwood   

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