Question Time with Claudia (Part 2)

Charlie wrote:

Hi Claudia. Shaun can you ask Claudia what she thinks of Hard Time? Has forgiveness played a part in her journey? Was helping write the next book cathartic for her? Finally Claudia you have a very warm smile and I wish you all the best.

Claudia responded:

I really love Hard Time. It’s brilliantly written. It’s completely true. I couldn’t put the book down at all. I’m excited for the next book.

If there has to be forgiveness, I say yes, but I don’t blame Shaun. I wish the raid had never happened, and then we wouldn’t have had to move on. We would have stayed together. It sucks that Shaun can’t be in America.

Contributing to Shaun’s next book has both helped me and hurt me. When I get into descriptions and remember things, I get so into the moment, I cry sometimes. I remember things, and think, That was so nice. But wait a minute: it’s over.  So it is hard, but it is nice because I get to relive the good times that were all taken away the day the police knocked down that door.

I asked Claudia if she had a response to the comment about not drinking alcohol.

Claudia responded:

I’ve never been a full-blown alcoholic. I used to bar hop too much with my friends when I was younger. It stopped. I realised it was dumb. I was never shaking from not drinking.

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Shaun Attwood


bridgwater said...

Hello Claudia, I was just interested to see if you ever see the possibility of you and Shaun getting back together, from all I've heard there are still alot of feelings up in the air?

Shannon Clark said...

Life does move on. After 6 years of our son being inside, we finally got confiscated property back. It's weird to see those items again. Hard to put a handle on what I felt when the police fanned out all over our house and looked at private things, taking what they would. You can't go backwards, only move forward. Both you and Shaun are different people now, but it is always wise to remember the good. Sue O