Students Spring Out of Their Seats at St. Edward’s School Visit

When I showed them the picture of the spider-bite wound, the room erupted into chaos. I could only stand and drink water. Here’s the video:


The Year 9 students at St. Edward’s in Oxfordshire were a great audience. When the Q&A started, half of the hands shot up. I walked slowly from the front of the church to the back, answering every question row-by-row. The students at the back held their hands up for half an hour.

Shaun Attwood


Zen said...

Well done, Shaun! All power to your Voice! (R)evolution - is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind.

Jon said...

Thanks, Zen. The power of my voice is fading. It never fully recovered from when I lost it for 2 weeks at the end of last term. I did six talks yesterday and came home with it nearly gone again. Your prayer for my voice is appreciated.