Westminster School Visit

 With my readers from the first session.
With my readers from the second session.
The school provided not just any old water but their own brand: Westminster Water.

Due to endless questions the talks lasted for an hour and a half. Two City of London policewomen were present who are recommending my talk to schools in their area. Also present was the author, Meg Rosoff, who was on the news last week accused of blasphemy by a Christian independent school that banned her from visiting. The blasphemy allegation stems from her latest book, There Is No Dog, in which God is a horny teenage boy. I'm reading Meg's first book, How I Live Now, which sold over half a million copies in its first year. Meg has a warm humourous voice, and the book has a Catcher in the Rye quality to it. The sentences are simple and clear with literary flourishes made more powerful by their low frequency.

Shaun Attwood    

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