From Frankie (Letter 15)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hit man and leader of prison "booty bandits." After seeing me rubbing antifungal ointment on the bleeding bedsores on my buttocks at the Madison Street jail, he proposed we have a gay prison marriage.


What’s up my friend? I know it’s been a while since you heard from me, but I will be out again soon, and hopefully we can correspond through the computer.

I will be a daddy soon, sometime in November cuz this time that I got out I had sex all day and night. She ended up pregnant. Once my baby is born, I’ll send you a picture. 

So whatever happened with your butt sores? Did they ever come back? Me and you both know that it wasn’t cuz of the bunk. I was pounding you too hard, and I should have been easier on you.

Oh! As for Cuban Boy, he ain’t wrote to me in years. He forgot all about me.

Thank you for the book, but the prison won’t give me Hard Time With Sheriff Joe. I’ll send it home, so when I get out I can read it.

I need a good chess book with all the moves and rules cuz a lot of people make up their own rules or stuff they learn in here, and with a book I can show them the real deal.

I don’t have much time left and no parole. I’m doing 115% of my sentence cuz as of December 29th 2011 I will kill my sentence completely, but now they got some bullshit rule that if you violate parole, you have to serve 115%. It’s more time than what the judge gives you. Another scam the Arizona Department of Corrections is doing to keep prisoners in longer, so they can collect even more taxpayers money. You already know this state sucks when it comes to laws.

Let’s work on getting me a new passport, so that I can fly over to England to see you. What happened to our plans? 

Give my regards to your mom, dad and sister!

Much Love & Respect


Shaun Attwood

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