Student Email

This has got to be one of the nicest emails I've ever received from a student:

Hi Shaun,

You came to my school today to talk to us about drugs, and yeah like you said, I think just about everybody was expecting a boring assembly where they tell us about drugs and why we should stay off them. But today completely shocked just about everyone in the room, and moved them. I think you are amazing to come back from what you went through and what youre doing, in my opinion, really makes young people like me think twice about doing and getting involved in drugs.
Thank you for sharing your story with us, it cant be easy to remember such a hard time in your life, but I think your story really does change the way we think of drugs and exposes us to the horrible consequences of getting involved with them.
Once again, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jasmine Sherwood
-Steyning Grammar School

It's feedback like this that keeps me doing the talks. Thanks so much, Jasmine.

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Wow I'm blown away Jon! You are truly an inspiration!

Keep up the great work don't never stop!

Jesus Chuy

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I'm readin ye book at the min! Can't put it down!


Jon said...

cheers, andy, please keep me posted on what you think when you finish it

Anonymous said...

Fab! Well done :)


muzuzuzus said...

Yeah that i beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations mate. Great to see your work is having such a positive impact.


Anonymous said...

Well done Shaun for inspiring such an honest and powerful response to your talk. Hope your voice is ok with all these talks.


Anonymous said...

Keen on Truckin, Shaun ~ You ARE making a difference!@


Jon said...

thanks, guys! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome mate, just awesome!


Anonymous said...

Red death no thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Great testament, keep up the good work.

Jonathan B