From Polish Avenger (Letter 5)

Polish Avenger - A software-engineering undergraduate sentenced to 25 years because his friend was shot dead during a burglary they were both committing. Author of the classic "Shit Slinger" series.

Bloody Plonk,

“’Ello there, you git!” Yes, believe it or not, it’s me at long last. As usual I’m sorry for the long silence. The conditions were I was housed were (are) very oppressive to even the basic functions of life, let alone creative endeavors like writing or painting. Now, granted, that’s not a very good excuse, but dude… that unit was literally the most soul-corroding time I’ve done since good ol’ Hotel Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

And so it is with great and happy joy that I am writing this to you from the rarefied air of minimum security! Yay! Yes, the guards came right out of the blue and insisted I come over here. I had no idea I was even eligible. Geez, the difference is just astronomical. It is so much better over here. It took a week or so to get the stress out of my body, and another to get the stink out of my clothes. And now it’s back to feeling human again, and not like neglected/abused cattle. They hired me almost immediately to do fine art on flagstone and canvas, and thus I’ve been experiencing a personal renaissance in paint. Not to mention, I can have real pro-quality equipment and not the Crayola kindergarten crap I’ve been painting with the last 8 years, which is a very happy turn of events, I consider myself fortunate to be here.

Fellow bloggers and Hard Time alumni Otis and Shane were here also. I say were as Shane got transferred for unknown troublemakery and of course took Hard Time with him as I had finished it, and it was his turn to read it. Otis also sends his love.

All right, Duke of Plonkington, I’ll get this happy news away to you. Eventually, when I get more settled, I’ll get to posting again.


The Polish Avenger 
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Our friends inside appreciate your comments.

Shaun Attwood 

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear everything is looking up for Polish Avenger. How surreal it must be to read a published book with your own character and people you've known in it. Keep sending in the letters to our plonker friend overseas POLISH, we like them.