Connaught School Visit, Aldershot

Yet another fantastic reception at the Connaught School. The students watched my Banged-Up Abroad episode. I told them my jail story and for the first time, I talked for 30 minutes about the life lessons I have learned, such as making slow and careful progress, identifying and overcoming addiction, valuing family... - all of which are in my upcoming self-help book. I only covered half of the ten life lessons in thirty minutes, so I could probably start a new one-hour talk based on the life lessons alone.

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Just saw your story on banged up abroad. Thats cool that your in aldershot, im only down the road. Definitely going to check out your blog in more detail in the morning.
Cool story bro.

shani phillips said...

Out of something bad comes something good. It's good you made your parents proud of you again. Heart warming.