Third Review of Party Time

By Polly Courtney, the author of Feral Youth

I cannot believe this is a true story! It is unputdownable - made for a novel or (dare I say) movie.

Shaun Attwood's style is punchy and fresh, making me laugh/snort/reel/gasp as I followed the antics of English Shaun, Acid Joey, Skinner, Wild Man and other crazed, fearless ravers into places I never even knew existed.

There is no 'glossing over' of events in this book. We get to experience the trippy highs, the skanky, shaky, paranoid lows, the knife-attacks by the beautiful, crazy first wife, the cattle-prod torture of rival criminals and the heart-stopping moments at border control when ten thousand pills are driven through inside fake Coke cans. The story rattles through a period of about 10 years, told in vivid scenes with little explanation required between them.

I'm not a raver, have never touched a pill, smoked crack or glugged GHB in my life, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a great story with some unbelievably brilliant characters and some good moral lessons, although whether English Shaun has heeded them remains to be seen.

Off to download Hard Time, so I can find out...

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