From T-Bone (Letter 31)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter:

They put a guy in our pod who had got into a fight in the kitchen. He said he had to fight a guy because several of the food workers were coughing and sneezing over the food as it was being prepared. In front of everyone in here, I asked him if that was going on all the time and he said yes.

When they served chow after that, everyone walked over to the trash can and dropped their trays in. That got the guards’ attention. Shortly after that, the commander came up here with the Strategic Response Team (goon squad). He said that the food was safe to eat, so I said please eat it then. Twenty guards looked at him. He wouldn’t eat it.

So a sergeant picked up a tray, looked at it, took a bite and stopped. He extracted a piece of wood from his mouth.

The commander turned red and locked us down. They stripped us naked, had us sit down with our hands on our heads and pepper-sprayed four prisoners. They took those four to lockdown. The commander said if he heard any more out of us, he would lock us down for a week.

Word got out to some of the other pods and all hell broke loose with the other prisoners over the food. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is crazy feeding us this stuff that is so nasty.

I still want to grab some of these jokers in my pod by the neck and make them tell me who stole my stuff and make them pay me, but I’m going to wait on God because that’s what my heart is saying to do.

My leg is much better. I had to stop a situation the other day, but I’ll write about that later.

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Shaun Attwood  


Anonymous said...

Hi T-Bone,
I imagine that one of the most stressful things about prison is worrying about the inmates who prepare the food, doing something that they're not supposed to, to the food. However, I also think that one of the biggest enemies to an inmate, is paranoia. One inmate accused the kitchen workers of doing something they shouldn't do. But it should be noted that he had got into a fight with the other kitchen workers, so perhaps that gives him a motive to lie about them? I'm not there, I don't know. But has anyone asked the kitchen workers their side of the story? And did anyone who would not have a motive to lie, actually see the kitchen workers doing what they're accused of? The best policy is to have concrete evidence before believing that someone has done something harmful to you. That's the only way to avoid becoming paranoid, in my opinion. Also try to remember that the guards are just people, just like you and me. If you only see them as the "enemy", you will not be able to judge their actions correctly. The guards are just people, T-Bone, and many of them (probably most of them), are good people. I don't associate prison with "toughness". I only associate prison with the word, "sadness". But someone who is incarcerated has to look at it as an opportunity to prove how strong they can be. That's the only way one can survive prison. Don't let paranoia get to you T-Bone. Remember that paranoia is also a dangerous enemy, perhaps even more dangerous than your human enemies...I think it's the right move that you're being patient with the stolen food items situation. Remember that that was a "cheap shot". Be strong, and be good. God is watching. May God bless you, T-Bone...
Much Love and Respect - Azar

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

I just saw an episode of Banged Up Abroad, do read your blog. You are such an inspiring man, your life story tells that how our wrong Karma comes and how we pay it.

Indore, India

Jon said...

thanks Vivek!
greetings from London

Anonymous said...

"Well done!", Shaun.

Best wishes, Zen

Unknown said...

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mugshot said...

Another great post, keep it up Shaun