12th August 04 Thinner and thinner

The decision over my final destination (which state penitentiary I’ll be permanently housed at) has still not been taken. I was told I could be sent out of Arizona because of the media attention to my case including the Phoenix New Times article that linked me and my codefendants to the Gravano crew. This would be a disaster. Half of my family and friends live in Arizona (and the other half live in England). I’d get no visitors at all!

My request for a veggie diet was rejected because I wrote "yoga" in the religious-preference box on the request form. I’ll have to convert to Hinduism! I’m rapidly losing weight, and I'm living on peanut butter and crackers bought from the store. The peanut butter limit is silly. I could eat five times as much as I’m allowed to buy. I feel oddly vulnerable at 154 pounds.

I’m doing two to three hours of yoga every night. There’s no point in trying to sleep early. My noisy neighbours make it impossible. I’m doing four different warrior-type lunge postures and five different headstands. The muscles in my thighs ripple, but that's probably because they're becoming skinnier. I’ve tried to turn the night-noise situation into a positive. I’m ready to move onto more advanced yoga postures (if Dad will send a book). The guards see me contorted and are bewildered:
"What’s he doin'?"
"What the fuck!"
"He’s lost his mind!" - are just some of their comments.


Anonymous said...

Having followed this Blogsite for several months, I have gained an impression of the American justice system and whilst the writings may be considered somewhat one-sided, I cannot ignore the blatant inadequacies of the system in both its treatment of people held on “remand” and the pressures brought to admit to guilt without trial.

Whilst the American constitution is based on freedom and justice, lip service seems the order of the day. Unfortunately, when these standards are exported, as in the case of Guatemala Bay and Iraq, all the world gets to see the double standards and loss of basic dignity afforded to people held without trial.
Is this justice?

Paul Francis 4th Sept 2004

Jon said...

Hi Jon:

I've been reading your blog since the address was posted on the MAA website. You have succeeded in confirming what most of us already knew in an eloquent first-person accounting. I have taken the liberty of posting some of your observations on the Mother's Against Arpaio site - I hope you don't mind!?
Although I realize that DOC is probably a far cry better than what you were subjected to under the control the "Big JA," I'm sure you are looking toward the day you can walk free again.
My best wishes to you, keep your head down and your eyes open.


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - They're Up To Something

Anonymous said...

what did you do?

Anonymous said...

Hello. To Jon, you have my deepest sympathies. I'd like to know what foreigners can do to help you.

To anyone else who's reading this -- who is Jon? This was posted to the monkeyfilter.com community, but we don't have any other information about his case.

neil_j_k AT yahoo DOT com

peepo said...

Well, I'm glad not to be living the american dream, seems tough.
planning to take up tai chi chuan, but there's probably a reason that's not on.

Speaking of chess you might like to play Go or Wai Chi an ancient oriental board game: http://www.usgo.org/index.asp

The UK Guardian carried 2 page story today.

Will we ever get the true story of Guantanamo? perhaps if anyone survives it...

Anonymous said...

Having read your captivating account in the Guardian today, I felt compelled to check your blog out. Whatever your crime - which not surprisingly is never really covered - it's an inspirational read.

Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Facinating Blog.
I read all the archives I could find.
and I was wandering:
how much more time do you have to do?
what did you do to get time in the first place?



Anonymous said...

I found this blog through the Guardian article as well. Fascinating reading and well written. I hope you keep it up, I'll certainly be checking back if you do. Good luck with your sentance (and hold out for a book deal!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jon,

I live in the UK and noticed the extract of your journal in today's Guardian newspaper. I sympathise with your plight and would like to send my best wishes! You seem like a good writer and I will certainly be checking back here to see how things are going.

- Philip

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blogging- it's very well written and an insight into a system I pray I'll never have to experience.

For all of those asking what the crime was, a google search reveals a long (10 p) article on Shaun:
I heartily recommend doing a little bit of research if you're ever curious.

Having said that, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the fairness of the sentence Shaun- I'm sure that there are things in the article that aren't true.

Anonymous said...

Like many others I'm sure, I read the article in yesterday's Guardian in the UK. Thanks for writing so eloquently about your life. I would love to think that it may play a part in raising the issues surrounding US prisons to a wider audience. Keep it up, your writing is extremely lucid and interesting to read. If you don't get to publish your life story, you'll certainly be an expert on insects for the rest of your life! Cheers.

Chris C

Jon said...

Reply from Jon to Anon 09/09/04 04.22.02pm

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and make a comment. The ‘New Times’ article as you rightly suspected was not entirely true. The prosecution leaked news of my arrest to this free newspaper and they used unnamed ‘sources’ to fill out their copy. Subsequently through my attorney I had to ask for a gagging order from the Judge on my case who immediately granted it as the article was prejudicial to any trial that may have occurred. The content of the article is part of the reason that I am were I am and for so long, as the portrait painted of me stretched the truth so far that it was impossible to see any more……..

sal said...

I understand yr crime was related to drugs.

This case is a good example as any why our drug laws are an insane infringement on human liberty and the right to self determination.

Legalise drugs and end the nightmare which results from prohibtion.