16th Sept 04

Frankie & Mark - updates from the Madison Street Jail.

This week, I received two letters from the Madison Street jail. One was from my former cellmate, Mark, the other was from Frankie. Mark reported that las cucarachas are, “stronger, faster and more aggressive than ever.” He is disappointed that his "chess muscle" is shrinking in my absence. Mark is seeing his judge this month and he is hoping to be released on probation.

Frankie wrote that his yo-yoing prosecutor had pulled his plea bargain and that he is, “back to facing two life sentences,” for his murder charges. He related that a new female guard, “some dumb bitch D.O. [Detention Officer] who looks like Olive Oyl,” dropped her handcuff keys, and an inmate found them and promptly keystered them.

As a result, all the cells were "shook down" and the inmates were forced to sit in a metal chair that “beeps if you have something in your ass!” The keys were eventually found in the culprit’s cell and the pod was locked down for an entire week. The responsible individual received additional charges for the theft, and a UA test, which showed he was on drugs. Frankie ended by stating that he is missing my, “sexy hairy booty.” I am certainly not missing Joe Arpaio’s hospitality!

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Bring back Frankie!!!!

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