15th Sept 04

Open letter to the Guardian from Jon

Thank you for having the courage to highlight the plight of the downtrodden inmates in Joe Arpaio's jail. Before the publication of the blog in your newspaper, I felt as if I were a lonely stone, sunk at the bottom of a muddy pond. The Guardian readership has raised that stone to a bright surface. Hopefully, the increased scrutiny will cause an improvement in the conditions. What is occurring in that jail is disgraceful. Plato wrote that democracy is the path to tyranny. It is up to the press and the public to expose and suppress tyranny when and where it occurs. Thank you tremendously for championing a worthy cause. I am overcome with joy because you published my scrawl. Appreciatively and humbly yours, Jon.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if Martha Stewart has the same conditions in jail?
Just read your Blog - keep your spirits up - all will be much better

>Toronto Ontario Canada

Foston said...

Just thought I'd let yall know that jon's writing is becoming a part of my day.

Jon reminds us all that not all criminals are necessarily "bad people" and that our society is incarcerating large amounts of people, who need to be treated humanely...

My personal thanks for connecting us directly to his story.

BTW - 30 people on bloglines alone track Jon's blog. thats 30 more than 5 years ago when blogs were unheard of....

Cheers! and keep up that veggie diet and yoga. You may yet stay sane!