26th Aug 04

Vegetarian Diet

I started to receive the vegetarian diet today. The veggie burger tonight was delicious. It came with potatoes, garbanzo beans, kidney beans and green beans. In order to receive the diet I had to change my religion to Hindu on the Diet Request Form. This a natural progression after studying yoga for several years. I am now keen to learn more about the Hindu religion. My favourite cuisine has always been Indian.

Thanks for your kind offers of veggie-food parcels. Unfortunately I can not receive food in the mail.


Anonymous said...

Jon, as a fellow Veggie and a good friend of your mum, I'm so glad that you're finally getting meat-free meals! Now you are away from Sheriff Joe's Evil Empire, I hope that your veggie meals continue to be as good as this one and that they are all made from a good variety of nice, fresh ingredients.

As you can gather, I don't subscribe to the 'feed 'em on scraps' School of Thought....!

Best wishes and roll on that release date!

Anonymous said...

It was good to hear that you're finally getting the veggies that you were aching for. I was slightly amused and a bit surprised to find out that you've turned Hindu and like Indian food. See I'm a Hindu and an Indian.

Manjusha said...

Jon, I have been reading your blog regularly, it's an interesting read - though it details the nightmares and hardships that prison inmates are subjected to everyday.

I wish you good health and peace.

PS: I am an Indian & a Hindu from South India - and I must say, all Hindus are not vegetarians, contrary to popular belief.

Deanna said...

I'm kind of surprised that you had to declare yourself as Hindu to get veggie meals. (I'm assuming that you haven't actually shifted religions, but that you just had to check the Hindu box in order to get better food?)

I wonder why they won't give someone veggie meals just for being, ahem, a vegetarian, regardless of religion.