04 Nov 04

Frankie Arrives

Frankie is here. As I write this blog I can hear his loud and distinct cackle. He is causing uproar in a neighbouring run by hitting on young Chicanos, just like he did at the Madison Street jail with Yum-Yum and Cupcake.
“Hey sexy, you wanna be my celly? Don’t be afraid.”
It will take Frankie up to three months to find out which prison he is going to. Maybe he’ll follow in my footsteps and I’ll get to blog his liaisons with the cheetos. Hopefully, he’ll have forgotten about chasing my behind by then.

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Anonymous said...

i can see it's been a while since you watched tv which is probably no bad thing - celebs feasting on worms and grasshoppers is pretty much an average day of reality tv - you ain't missed much! keep your spirits up jon, you're an inspiration..

Anonymous said...

Turn it off. Simple as that.
Down that cathode tube (do they still use those?) lies the path to apathy and emotional death. In fact, have it taken out and shot - sorry Penguin, but it's for your own good!
Keep smiling mate.
Rachel x

"The treatment of prisoners is a good indicator of how civilized a society is."
Winston Churchill