26 Oct 04

Mark Update

Today I received a letter from Mark, my last cellmate at the Madison Street jail. He was recently rolled up, but he managed to land in the same pod as Frankie. Mark wrote “The roach dreams are back 'cause this place has a lot of cracks with nothing sealed.”

There's nothing worse than being moved from a roach-proofed cell to a cell where gaping cracks abound. At the whimsy of the jail, months of hard work sealing the cracks with toothpaste can be rendered redundant.

Sorry to add to your woes, Mark, but I recently read that the American cockroach carries 22 species of pathogenic human bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa’s, as well as five species of helminthic worms.

Mark is be sentenced soon. He hopes that everyone will say a prayer for him, so that he receives probation. His plight will be in my thoughts after tonight’s meditation session. Mark’s neighbour Sal wasn’t so lucky with the legal vampires. His attorney promised him he'd only get seven years if he signed a plea bargain. He signed and got 23 years.

Thank you for all of the birthday cards!

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Anonymous said...

Every Phoenix resident better damn well believe it can happen to them! It happened to me. Unlike a tsunami it happens to one person at a time. Usually when no one else is looking. If the jail cam does catch it the tape will disappear. When I was in Madison St. Jail I did not see a cockroach ...I was the cockroach. To this day I don't know what set this guard off but she flipped me onto my back and stomped on my stomach until my bowels were empty. The other guards standing around me were laughing like....well like the guards at Abu Grahab.
Linda Wille