25 Oct 04

Viva Mexico!

Frankie’s strategy worked. By forcing his case to trial Frankie called the prosecutor's bluff. He had refused to sign plea bargains, against his attorney’s advice, and just before the trial, the prosecutor dropped all of his more serious charges and offered him a better plea bargain. The prosecutor had never expected Frankie to take things so far. Frankie described her face as, "looking like she ate a sour lemon." He has pleaded guilty to a Class 3 felony: conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. He should be arriving at SMU2 this winter.

There was a jailhouse shuffle and Frankie was rolled up to a new pod and separated from the object of his lust: Cupcake. Frankie’s new cellmate had refused to tell the police his name, so on his ID his name is printed as John Doe. Whether John Doe has succumbed to Frankie’s charms, is, as yet, a mystery.

Frankie and his neighbours were disturbed by the arrival of a paisano who yelled, "Viva Mexico!" at all hours of the day and night. During the paisano's first hour out he spat on guards and kicked cell doors whilst yelling, "Viva Mexico!" After two days of this he was restrained, cuffed and permanently removed from Frankie’s pod. Frankie wrote that he left yelling "Viva Mexico!"

Due to all of your questions about Frankie, I have written to him asking if he has a pic that he wouldn’t mind being posted to the blog. My fingers are crossed.


Anonymous said...

Recently I had the pleasure to go and see Jon at the Morey unit. he looks great and still has that incredible upbeat attitude. The Lewis prison is a very nice facility and the guards all seemed very friendly.We were allowed a long visit which included vending machines for food and drink ,games, and cards to pass the time, and a very nice outdoor facility in which we sat at tables to visit with each other.He seems to be a lot happier there, and thanks everyone for the tremendous support for him and his family. I will visit with him every chance I get and will keep you posted.
Love and respect to Jon and his family,

Anonymous said...

We're really excited about seeing a picture of Frankie. Is he handsome? we think he must be. Its sad he must really be missing cup cake. We're so pleased that his "strategy" worked, and he may be joining you soon. We love to hear about Frankie and we also love the conversations between the young Chicanos Diego, Scooby and Manny and no-wot-I-mEEEn, are they for real? they sound like cartoon characters. Your blog is sometimes sad but its also great fun, keep writing.
The Terrible Twins