27 March 05

Question Time

Q.Paula in the UK asked if I ever hear from any of my previous cellies.

A. Mark, my final cellmate at the Madison Street jail, who is now on house arrest, recently sent a letter. He wrote: “ Sorry I haven’t written sooner but I have been so busy working so I can pay my stupid lawyer fees, so he can sit around and do nothing.”

Q.Dave & Edna asked if, in my opinion, gays or straights have it tougher inside.

My gay friend Jim said that if an inmate can get into a stable relationship and the potential for separation can be overcome then an emotional return can be obtained. Jim also identified negative effects such as younger inmates being taken advantage of by older ones, and some ultimately becoming cheetos.

I asked Xena the same question and Xena’s short answer was:
“It’s worse for heteros because they can get raped!”

I haven’t been raped but I have had my arse pinched a few times, and upon one occasion George took advantage of my focus on a book and licked my foot before I could pull it away from him.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Kathy, just going through browsing and I saw your site. Its very impressive!! I am sorry for where you are, with a great future you had. I wish I had your talent, and your knowledge. I dont know why you did what you did, but I can really understand what your doing. I can applaud you.
Jon its very nice meeting you. I hope I can have an opportunity to write you again, and to hear from you. Sincerely Kathy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, Jon, it seems very harsh to give inmates disciplinary tickets for writing to each other. Do the ADC think that you are plotting further crimes in your letters or perhaps even a breakout?

I agree with you that inmates should have access to computers and as many educational facilities as possible. Otherwise, how can society ever hope to rehabilitate people. It just doesn't make sense, as to get any kind of employment today you need good computer skills.

It just seems to be about satisfying societies thirst for revenge and punishment of the prisoners, most of who will sadly return to crime on their release.

Your intelligence has given you an insight which most people seem to lack.

I love your blog, thanks,
Paula UK