8th April 05

Question Time

Nick asked if I had any stock picks

Although I am itching to analyse individual companies I have insufficient info at my disposal to make specific recommendations; however, the general investment advice that I’ve had published since my arrest has been fruitful. My long gold recommendation (published in the Investors Business Daily) was followed by a spectacular $150 rise. My main investment themes were blogged here, which are long gold, long oil, short the dollar, and exercising caution with common stocks (especially when dealing with deceitful mutual fund companies and pension fund managers who are skimming invisible fees from your capital).

From studying geopolitics I believe that there are several profitable sectors to invest in - especially when sell-offs occur. Defense companies should do well, especially those enabling the military to fight video-game-style wars from computer terminals utilizing networks and satellite technology. Bush’s re-election equals an increasingly militaristic Uncle Sam. Also look at companies that are profiting from the rises of China and India, and companies producing raw materials whose prices will escalate during global conflict.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading all that you write-- I just wish there were more. Some of it is hard to read. My brother died in prison a long time ago and he was young & gifted like you. I still have anger issues about what he did and what happened to him and I feel the same for you sometimes, but I admire you a great deal as a writer and a thinker.
- Mary in NC