05 June 05

Arpaio’s Parade

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Anonymous said...

Jon, you shouldn't be surprised that the Daily Mail has voiced it's support for this hateful practice. The Mail is widely regarded as a bile-filled, poorly-researched propaganda sheet in England, although unfortunately it's middle-england readership is alarmingly healthy. It mascarades as a serious newspaper, while consistently whipping it's gullible readers into a frenzy over whichever ultra-rightwing topic is flavour of the month. It has a long and not-so-glorious history of facist editorial policy, stretching back to it's founder, Lord Rothmere. It openly supported Hitler and the Nazis at the outset of WWII and very little has changed since.

"The Daily Mail made one of its first campaigns against admitting Jewish refugees fleeing pogroms in Eastern Europe. It supported Mosley’s fascist black shirts in the 1930s including the notorious headline ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts’. It supported appeasement with Nazi Germany and its owner Lord Rothermere willingly met Hitler and openly expressed admiration for Mussolini." (from http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor/mayor_letter_220205.jsp)

Calulu said...

I don't know what to say but wow. I had no idea that this henious sort of treatment was still being practiced anywhere in the USA. Sorry you're going through all of this, everyone, no matter who they are and what they've done deserve to be treated like a human being, not a head of cattle.

Joshua Zugai said...

The measure of any civilisation is in the standard of her jails - Umm, Oscar Wilde, I think.

Anonymous said...

After reading this Jon, it is really degrading and a breach of human rights when inmates are made to participate in scenes of this nature. It really shouldn't be allowed and people like the Sheriff are the ones who should be locked up and made to see the 'shrink'.
T Bates

sueoUK said...

I can't understand why Sheriff Joe is still holding office, whatever happened to the "New Times" investigation into his shadey real estate deals (June 2004)buying expensive vehicles for his personal use out of state money, making a personal fortune out of the suffering of the inmates - the vast majority are allegedly innocent till proven guilty but treated worse than rabid animals. I guess we better believe that there is a God and Joe will end up at the meeting one day - I do hope God isn't a merciful one as Joe has shown none to fellow human beings -oh, maybe that's because he doesn't belive he is one and is on an equal footing with God?

Anonymous said...

Arizona has a history of corruption in government, complaints to authorities at the state level go unanswered. lawsuits against the city are common. I have seen first hand the things this man descibes in The Horseshoe (nickname for arpaios jail). I bought a motorcycle in AZ, turns out ADOT (Az Department of Transportation) Incorrectly registered my motorcycle (they mistook the Z for a 2) but the Title was correct using a Z instead of the 2. I was stopped for speeding and taken to jail Madison St for Criminal Speeding (over 20 the limit) and Fictitious plates which I did not discover until after being booked into the jail (I was not formally charged untill after being in madison). I was unable to do anything and was forced to even post bail to get out those those horribal conditions described by the man in this blog. I pleaded guilty to avoid the long drawn out system, Felonies where reduced to misdermeners or something like that, but it amounted to a fine, and I did not discover or fix the VIN number at ADOT for over 5 years later. In fact no one during the whole process said anything about why I was charged this way. What this all comes down to is, that mistakes are common place, being stripped of rights or punished before due process is also common, and mistakes unless resolved during a suit, neveer get compensated for in Arizona! I even believe that the authorities discovered their mistake, but did not inform me as I would have filed charges against them for something, false incrimination? Maybe Im just not hat smart and they take advantage of that in Arizona, especially the authorities in charge.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Sheriff Joe,for him to repent.One day he will stand before a Holy and just God,who loves justice,and mercy.The torments Joe is inflicting upon these precious inmates he will have to account for on Judgement Day.How long does it takes for a snail to crawl around the earth one time?....That is only the beginning of eternity in hell!
You Joe need to fall on your knees and plead for forgiveness.You don't know how long you have,none of us are promised tomarrow.You will be alone in torment,there will be no happy meals with family,no comforts,only eternal misery forever. You could while you have time repent,even the worst person on earth while they breathe have time to repent. It's your choice. Satan is laughing at you right now because you do these unmerciful things. Also you have peep-cams and tell childen to look at unclothed woman.All these things you will answer Almighty God for,He knows the number of the hairs on head,and how many days you have left.
Jesus have mercy on Joe,and convict him so he won't go to hell with Satan,and the fallen angels,and all who reject the gift of your life you Jesus gave on the cross,when you died for all mankind. Lord Your love goes beyond and reaches to the lowest hell on earth,and saves the most vilest,and the most good person.I call on you Lord of heaven and earth,and I thank you for loving us,and for all your truth,and mercy.
I pray also for the ones who beat my daughter,almost 50 bruises on her beautiful body,and left her in her fesus,urine,and vomit,with no medical treatment for 4 days,and another time starved her of water 13 days and abandoned her in her menestral blood,fesus,urine,and vomit unconcious 10 days.My beautiful daughter. I almost never recovered,I almost never came back, the grief they caused me I will never forget.I pray for these that did this. I forgive them,even as the Lord has forgiven me my sins. For all have sinned,and all will stand before God in judgement.
There is coming soon;
The Glorious Kingdom of God,and all sorrow and tears will be no more.All are welcome,but this gift comes at a great price.The precious Son of God,Jesus gave His life,and shed his blood on the cross for all the sin of mankind.For God so loves us,and doe'nt want any to perish,but repent,and believe on His dear Son Jesus,His gift of his life ransons our soul from death,and hell.This is the good news the gospel of Jesus Christ.Believe,and recieve eternal life,and life is in Jesus Christ Son of the Living God,and on this rock He will build his church,and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
The Apostle Paul persecuted many saints,and gave approval of Stephens death when they stoned him to death. A great light came,Paul was you could say knocked out of the sadle,Paul was blinded for three days,and the Lord saved Paul,and showed him many things he was to suffer for the Lord Jesus sake.
All cruelty Joe is the work of Satan,and any who follow his ways,for Satan comes to kill,steal,and destroy.He wants to take you to hell with him. All who follow these paths of destruction,and do not turn from there wicked ways;Unto the Lord who made heaven and earth;will not see God; but his wrath abides on the wicked even now,and for eterniy.
Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. God bless the saints,and bring all people to your glorious light,and love.Glory to God in highest peace on earth good will to men. "Even so come Lord Jesus."
Peace to you Jon,and all of you who are suffering are in my prayers,and I seek justice daily.My heart keeps breaking because so many do not love,they seek ungodly pleasures,and call evil good.They love violence,and suck up to death,they say they will see there buddies there.The devil is laughing as they go down into the pit.The smoke is so thick,they will never see light.All there evil deeds they will only think about forever there in hell.They'll remember how they rejected Jesus Christ,and heaven.They followed the paths of wasting,and destruction.They go down to hell,where they will never know life,joy,or peace.The devil and his angels will be their company.All these are those who die the second death and are cast into the lake of fire.The smoke of thier torment will go up forever.
Call on the Lord while there is time,Jesus says come unto me,all you who are weary and heavy laden,and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you,and learn of of me,for I am meek and lowly in heart:and you will find rest unto your souls.
He has shown thee "Oh man what is good,and what the Lord requires of thee;But to do justly,and to love mercy,and to walk humbly with thy God.
Faith,justice,mercy,and the love of God. These things the religious leaders left undone. They were the ones that had Christ crucified. Job sought out to help the afflicted,the ones whose hope was about to perish.God blessed Job twice the more.
God will deliver the rightious out of trouble.Praise God,I'm praying for all the prisoners,my daughter is amoung you also.
Love and Prayers In Christ Jesus,Amen

Anonymous said...

PS,regarding my post above. My daughter was'nt beaten in Arizona. It happened in another State,Corectional Facility.
"Prayers for all"
"In Christ Jesus Amen"

Anonymous said...

The crime rate in Maricopa County is rising because the population is exploding. Have you seen what a house costs these days? Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

you dope - stats take into account PER HEAD of population, get an education..,