08 June 05


On my radio, I’ve been hearing Excessive Heat Warnings issued by the National Weather Service. Outdoor high temperatures recently rocketed from 90° to 110° without stopping at 100°.

We no longer have a rec field: we have scorched earth.

The swamp cooler and fan are keeping the cell temperature tolerable - an improvement from this time last year. Soon, the heat is expected to rise above 120°, so I’ve not yet experienced peak summer temperatures in Buckeye.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that you won't be suffering too much in the sun. Isn't there someone who you could have a word with about the attire you have to wear?
Terry B

Anonymous said...

I've just read your account of last year and I'm totally shocked at the treatment of prisoners in the USA especially by Sheriff Joe Your very vivid descriptions of your suffering made me feel sick and worried that we always seem to follow the USA in everything they do.
You have risen above it all and created an amazing blog.
Jemma UK