20 May 05

Latent Talents

Long Island has been studying hard. I've been sharing some of my books with him including R. Kolb’s The International Finance Reader, Graham & Dodd’s Security Analysis and S. Natenberg’s Option Volatility & Pricing (kindly provided by Guy Goo. Thanks!)

He has become so enthused about the financial markets that he has begun charting stocks and indexes. We are trading (on paper) options and tallying our imaginary profits, so that he can get a feel for market movements.

There are probably many talented people in the prison system, who, if given an education could become productive members of society. Sadly, other than a few token programs and GED schooling (high-school level education) I am unaware of any other classes. Four times I have applied for college correspondence courses, and each time I’ve been denied. Until there is an emphasis on education and rehabilitation, the growing prison population will continue to be a

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Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful paralegal program that is geared towards incarcerated offenderd. Please visit http://blackstone1890.com/

Anonymous said...

Your'e right about the wasted talent. Maybe your blog will highlight this and have some affect on the penal system. Glad that your influence is having some affect on 'Long Island'.
Terry B