05 August 05

Average Day

Martine, from The Netherlands, recently asked what I do and what I study all day.

Every day is similar. I try to write for five hours in the AM. In the PM I try to read at least one hundred to one hundred and fifty book pages.

My in-cell breaks consist of yoga, meditation, and naps.

Most of the out of the cell time is spent between chow, showers, and chess. On an alternating basis, I get either two or four hours of rec each day. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, I am assigned to the education building for independent study, where I practice Spanish or Chinese using books and cassette tapes that I have purchased. I am also enrolled in several ADOC programs.

My favourite study areas are: behaviourial finance, the classics, creative writing, economic history, forensic accountancy, literary criticism, Mandarin, military science, penology, psychology, political philosophy, Spanish, and the subject that I’ve studied the most: the stock market.

I am grateful to all of you whose book contributions have kept me busy.

Cheers! Jon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon

Maybe you've written this somewhere before, but I can't find it.

How long is your sentence, and how long do you have left?


Matt (CH)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to reccoment the following books for reading.

1. Commiting Journalism:
the prison writing of Red Hog
by Dannie M.Martin and Peter Y. Sussman

2. 15 to Life: How I painted my way to freedom
Anthony Papa with Jennifer Wynn


Anonymous said...


This could be just evil propaganda...and then again maybe there is some truth in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt.....Just wanted to answer your question, about Shaun's (Jon's) sentencing.
He was sentenced to 7 years 4 months and 15 days.
He will probably be getting out sometime in the beginning months of the year 2010.

Anonymous said...

that phoenix new times article is nasty, really trying to downplay the involvement of anyone but shaun.
i hope that there is sthg in there that can be used to sue the people who wrote it!

Anonymous said...

just curious.. i understand the implications of this counter culture involvemnent but how fiction was your science? do you still perecieve this culture or have disassociated from it. when you recollect who do you remember. all of your memorie's seem passive but i suspect that there's more underneath. you investigate others but what truth are you willing to expose?

Anonymous said...

Never believe in trial by media, too many have been proven false.