11 August 05

Futures Trading Update

In a previous blog, I wrote about Long Island’s and my futures trading results. (We are trading on paper, not with money.) The good performance has continued. As of the 8th July closing prices, Long Islands equity is $5549.36 and mine is $4695.75. Our accounts have both more than doubled initial investment stakes of $2000 in less than two months. My soybean position shot upwards, and Long Island scored big gains in gold and corn. We’ve been letting our profits run, and stopping our losses quickly.

I’m wondering if we’ll still be significantly ahead of the futures trading pros by year's end?


Jon wrote in a letter:

It looks like back home outside. Rain clouds, pitter patter. Puddles everywhere. We arrived here at the hottest week on record, but now the brutal humidity is gone and it’s much better than Buckeye, 10 degrees and less in temperature. Our window is open and there’s a sweetness to the air.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you could call that 'The Sweet Smell of Success'!

Anonymous said...

It's more like back home than you could imagine! Absolutely p*ssing it down here! August as well, a typical english summer.

Anonymous said...

A lovely description...almost poetic