13 August 05


At 7am my cell door clicked open.
“Jon, come out!” said Officer Redrock, who was accompanied by a doctor.
“I’m takin’ a shit. Can you wait a minute?” Long Island pled his case.
I stayed put because the toilet is adjacent to the cell door.
“Tough shit! Jon, come out, now!”
Disobeying an order is a ticketable offense, so I opened the door.
What's this?” I said, and squinted at the syringe the doctor was fondling.
“TB test,” the doctor said.
“I read that these shots mess up the immune system. I feel perfectly healthy. Can I sign a refusal for medical treatment?”
“Absolutely not. If you don’t take it voluntarily, I’ll call out the turtles [the goon squad], and they’ll strap you down and force you to take it,” the doctor said while eyeballing the veins in my left arm.
“That’s just great. I’m sick of these - ouch!”
“What a way to start the day, eh?” Officer Redrock said.
“Yeah. Thanks.” I said and shut the door.

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Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Jon, I'm writing from the UK.
I've found your information following a bit of probing. You see. I've just received a disturbing letter from an old friend who is currently on remand for drug offences in Durango.I don't know the full circumstances, but having read up on the Maricopa County regime it seems bleak.
A’s letter, written in pencil described the food and conditions. Much the same as I've since confirmed by reading various web articles etc.
I would appreciate some comments from yourself if you can advise how I find out more, especially if A is surviving etc.A was arrested in
Phoenix in April. He protests his innocence.
Any information will be helpful.
Thanks, Geoff

Anonymous said...

Isn't it better to have the TB test? You always seem very concerned about your health. It's better to know if you have it.

Jayne UK