20 August 06

The Death of Aunty Ann

Those of you familiar with the mechanics of this blog may be aware that it began with my Aunty Ann smuggling my notes out of the Madison Street jail, typing them up, and emailing them to my parents in England.

Sadly, on the 17th of August, Aunty Ann died of cancer at the age of 61. Her passing caused such heartache that I’ve only recently felt able to write about it.

Aunty Ann and her sister, Sue, helped me get established in Phoenix when I arrived in 1991. Both of them acted as surrogate parents over the years. When I was held on remand in the jail, Aunty Ann's visits were a great source of support. I am distressed that I will never see her again.

Aunty Ann, Dad disclosed that during your last days, your stamina of spirit and acceptance of suffering outshone the sorrow of your illness. Your example spoke volumes. May you rest in peace, and may your spirit live on in your children.

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Pager said...

I had the distinct pleasure of knowing your Aunty M for five wonderful years. I worked with her and we became very close. She shared often about the injustice of your trial and conviction. She never gave up on you and would talk about how humble you had become, insightful and how intelligent you were. She was very proud of you regardless. She was always so happy and we loved her English humor and bloody hell's. Our favorite is when she would call Britney Spears that "Bloody pop tart". I loved your Aunty dearly and her pictures grace our walls throughout the library and are admired by all those who worked with her. She would do anything for anyone and always with that endearing grin on her face. She left a hole here when she left and I wasn't able to say a final goodbye either. It was a privledge to know her and I will never see her likeness again. Godbless Jon...