August 27 2006

Question Time

Tania in Norfolk asked for my favourite comedies.

The Young Ones is my favourite. Others include Black Adder, Spitting Image, Absolutley Fabulous, Monty Python’s flying Circus, and Southpark.

Tania also asked if I had read Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil.

It’s one of the few books I’ve read twice. I find Nietzsche’s voice irresistable. It’s readable unlike Kant. I enjoy Nietzsche’s pyshological insights, criticisms of society, and foresight. I get excited reading Nietzsche.

Quotes from Beyond Good and Evil that I like include: “The discipline of suffering, of great suffering..has produced all the elevations of humanity hitherto.”
“Profound suffering makes noble; it seperates.”

Tedsie in Leicester asked for some long-term investment advice, something to put away for his kids.

Small monthly investments in investment trusts will average your cost as the stock market swings. When the market crashes you can invest lump sums at cheap prices. I’d gear your investments to those capitalizing on Eastern growth - especially India and China. Other investment trust themes that should do well include nanotech and biotech. Stem- cell research has massive potential. For investors looking to speculate in individual stocks, you should research those companies developing hepatitis C drugs (based on the epidemic in prisons that has been swept under the carpet and should spill into society). Companies treating diabetes and companies offering security against identity fraud should do well.

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