18 August 06


Living in prison is like being in a video game that can scroll to a different level at any time. When such moves occur, whatever routine you established is disrupted. You worked hard to be accepted where you were at. You built rapport. You developed friendships. You learned who it was safe or dangerous to be around. Then suddenly everything changes.

“Dog 11, roll your shit up. You’re goin’ to minimum.”

It’s finally happening, I thought. I'm moving to Yard 1. It seems unreal. I’m trembling. Take deep breaths. It’s the end of an era. The era of Two Tonys, Xena, and Slingblade. How are my friends going to take it? Will I be able to blog them still? Will I get a single cell at Yard 1? Get a grip. Everything will be fine.

I wrote ten sides of paper on the farewells. Here are some exerpts:

“Say hi to Weird Al for me,” Shane said.

“I love you, brother,” T-Bone said, and bear-hugged me.

Xena’s lengthy hug spoke louder than his words.

“I love you, man,” Two Tonys said. “Outta all the motherfuckers I’ve ever met, you’ve changed my way of thinkin’ the most.”
“But ultimately you’ve changed your way of thinking.” I said and hugged him.
“You need to take some fuckin’ credit. And stop bein’ so fuckin’ humble.”
“Alright, I’m glad I helped you.”
“That’s more fuckin’ like it.”

“I had a feeling something was going to happen today,” Jack said. “Who am I going to have deep conversations with now?”

“Let’s make love,” Frankie said, “real quick in my cell, Englandman.”
“I’ll dee-cide who I make love to, and it’s going to be with a woman,” I said.
“I’ve dee-cided we need to French kiss before you leave.”
“I’ll dee-cide who I French kiss and who I don't French kiss.”

George sang "Rule Britannia", as I walked across the yard on a handshake marathon.

“The bloody pond-skippers leavin’ us,” Slope said. “For a son of a Brit and a Limey youz one helluvanalright dude. Take care dawwgie. I think you’re gonna do well.”

“007’s finally leavin’ us!” BHF yelled.
“It’s alright,” Ogre said. “Hey England, I sent word to Yard 1 that you’re putting stories on the Internet about who’s doin’ drugs and you’re usin’ real names. They’re gonna beat your ass down as soon as you get there.”
“Nice try Ogre. Nobody believes rumours coming from you. Good luck to you,” I said and put my middle finger on display to him as soon as I stepped out of the gate.

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Anonymous said...

A mix of emotions. Hope things will now be on the up. It has been an education learning about the ways of prison life and the endurance of the people who live it. You have gained the respect of your inmates. I hope that they will try to be positive in their lives, although it must be an unbearable strain at times. There are always prayers being offered somewhere for people in prison. Hard to accept for those who have been stranded by their friends and families.
Best wishes. Terry B

Cheryl said...

A single?

On tenterhooks here, I mean thats a big question.

Can't wait for the next report

Anonymous said...

Jon, it seems like I've been tuning into your life for ages. Congratulations for keeping your act together for so long and thanks to you and your mates for all the stories from the inside.
..........I'm going to miss the tales of the jail journal.... All the best Andy C.

Anonymous said...

a step closer to the front gate dude. keep you eyes on the prize

Anonymous said...

I don't think the story is going to end here as I'm sure the story will be contiunued to be told through those that love Jon on the outside.

What a momentus moment for you - well done and congratulations.

Can you give us an indication how the move to Low Sec will impact on you and your daily routine/privilages/visitation rights/etc.

Good on you Jon and I bet this makes your family and loved ones very happy.


Anonymous said...

Jon, I am very happy for you. Congrats, when step closer to that exit door homeboy. Goodluck. It feels as if we have been in there right beside you. All the best. -Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon it's Jamie from Sheffield. Many apologies for not writing in ages, I'm now travelling around Europe and hadn't had your address. So glad to hear you're moving to minimum security, it almost brings a tear to my eye. Now I have an address you'll be receiving a veritable tome from a small village in Bulgaria... Will you be able to receive CDs in your new place?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the next few weeks are going to be hard for you, but you have almost reached the finish line now with very few problems along the way. I have confidence that you will adjust well and find new interesting characters to blog about. Tell Xena that she will be missed as she was my fav character. Keep your chin up and your head down.


Anonymous said...

That is great news! I am very excited, and Goo will be as well when I tell him. We hope to get to see you before you depart back home. I updated the address on your profile so all visitors get the current address.

Much Love.

Anonymous said...

Congrats man! How do you feel leaving all your friends compared to what it will be like in minimun security? What are the differences going to be? Hope everything is going well and you'll be out soon. Are you going to continue to blog after your release? Take care. Shane

Anonymous said...

Big ups to you Jon!!
I'm sure it's tough to leave your friends, but keep your eye on the prize, you'll be free in no time.

John Soulier said...

Really cool blog. Never seen a blog from a correctional institute. Jon, good luck in the future and best wishes.

Marc Theiler
Alaska Classic Adventures