August 24


The bottom of the window at the back of the cell opens at the level of the ground. Lots of bugs, especially ants, spill in. When I'm writing, the ants crawl on my paperwork. I have to stop what I'm doing in order to flick them out of the window. It's hard to detect all of what the inmates call "piss ants" because they are so small.

The mosquitoes get more aggresive at night. It's so hot that I only wear shorts in the cell, giving the mosquitoes a large area to strike. I sleep wrapped in a sheet and I often wake up with bite marks on my head and neck. Some of them steal our blood and fly straight into the fan. They leave bloodstains on the wall from which their corpses dangle.

Last night a dragonfly whizzed in, and zigzagged all over the place. I was trying to read, but it kept ramming my face. Eventually, it descended to the bottom bunk and buzzed in Midnight's ear. He stood up, grabbed a shower sandal, and beat it to death.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a long while now -- keep your head up and keep on keepin' on.

Marco Loco said...

love reading your stuff, but for Christ sake, for the writer´s experience, get some prison dick up your ass. Tell us about the deviant sexual souls and their dirty dirty drives! We know you are not gay, but you have to devour life, take it all in, soak yourself in it´s juice, if just to tell us all about it. Let us readers - simple folks working 9 - 5 doing something meaningless with computers and the like - dream of the awful deeds these animals made you do. Please?