03 Mar 07

Thoughts of Freedom

Time seems to be passing faster the longer I’ve been inside. There is less than a year to go until I’m released. And then I go back to England, the country I left sixteen years ago. How England must have changed. Although I want to get out of prison, the prospect of being in such a different environment worries me sometimes.

At least I’ll soon be spending time with my family and friends. How interesting it will be to see how the faces of the people from my hometown of Widnes have changed over the years. Will the girls I grew up with and had crushes on still seem so beautiful and intimidating? Will the school bullies still be acting tough? Will I run into any of my old girlfriends? And sex. Sex. It’s been so long. I must have masturbated thousands of times.

There’s so much to look forward to, so I'll try not to stress too much over my return to England.

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Anonymous said...

You'll always be welcome here in Surrey mate. I figure I owe you a few ales for the reading you have given me.



Anonymous said...

Once you are back on England's soil, it may not be so daunting. Usually when you are in a situation you can cope better than when your thoughts wander beforehand. You have been through a lot, so you should be able to deal with the problems you will face, although you will probably feel like running round naked to get rid of your frustrations!!! Ha Ha. You will have family and friends to support you. If you keep some contact with your inmates, it may help with the transformation. Widnes has changed over the years from when I first arrived. There has been a lot of growth in houses, retail and now there will be a leisure development, so the future is brighter. Meanwhile keep strong. One day at a time Shaun.
Best wishes

Diary of an Irish Woman said...

Sometimes the worse prison is the one that we create in our minds when we get used to a routine and habits so we become afraid of change. While scary I think you'll do fantastic on outside at home, just take deep breaths and go stick your toes into the sand at an English Beach. Keep writing though because you've opened doors I think into yourself and so many others by the words you've blogged. Good Luck mate

Anonymous said...

dude. By the time you come back, Bliar will be gone! And Gordon Bum will be in, and you will have completely missed the Bliar era. For which you should consider yourself lucky.

Tallulah said...

That year will fly over and you will be back home where you belong. Widnes has changed but it will always be your home!

best of luck

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

I just wanted to tell you that your blog is the best on the web, and that it is an excellent research tool for my writing. I'm a short story writer and your insights into prison life have been very valuable for some of my stories. Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of plagiarizing your work, but as I said it's very insightful. Thank God for the internet!

Don't be nervous about getting out, man. You'll be fine. Remember, wisdom without confidence leads to doubt. Confidence without wisdom leads to cockiness.

Anonymous said...

Jon, Well there the bloody heck have you been homeboy? We haven't had a post in nearly 3 darn weeks ese! The homeboys wanna know if you got rolled up, shanked, transferred or put in the hole. I told em' you escaped through the trash truck and went stowaway on a British Airways flight. Where have you been? We need a post lad! -Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry there have been no blogs for a while. We've been on a two week holiday, the first for six years, other than visiting Jon.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Great that your finally coming home and out of prison, but I couldn't find why anywhere on your blog why you were incarcerated in the first place. Were there any victims to your crime? If so, have they been released from their “prison?” If this message isn't approved by the blog moderator, then I suspect there's more to the story then what seems to be.