27 Feb 07

The Royo Romance (Part 6)

Click here for Part 5.

Some of what I wrote to Royo Girl after today’s visit:

Four Royo Girl visits in a row. How lucky am I? Your visit made me so happy. What more can I say about how beautiful you look without sounding trite? The different makeup you wear presents different images of you. Your eyeshadow emphasised your eyes, which had me mesmerized as usual.

Although we have sworn to be noncommittal, I still intend to make the most of your company while it lasts. After seeing you, I get to savour thoughts of you. Your eyes. Your face. Your intellect.

Thank you for making this weekend so special.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I question RoyoGIRL's motives, is she toying with your heart? Its sweet but at the same time very suspicious. Please be careful of yourself.