Iron Man v Snake Eyes (Part 1)

“At Graham County jail up in Safford,” Iron Man said, “they threw me in with the hardcore federal prisoners. It’s a pod-type setting. There’s one big TV at the top of a long hallway. Everyone’s always arguing over the TV. The whites had it every third day, then the blacks, then the Mexicans and Indians.
This one guy showed up. A big dude. Six-one. About two-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds. Half Indian, half Mexican. They called him Snake Eyes. He was always running his mouth about how tough he was and how he could kick so many peoples asses.
I had my own issues. My marriage was crumbling. My business was crumbling. All my equipment and tools were being stolen by fucking tweakers! So I was stressed. The first plea bargain they offered me was twenty years – and I couldn’t believe it ’cause all I did was knock some asshole’s door in that owed me five-hundred dollars, and he’d been dodging me for a month and a half!
Snake Eyes started saying he was gonna watch TV whenever he wanted, and he didn’t care who wanted to watch it, that there were more Mexicans and Indians in the pod than white boys, so they could control the TV any time they wanted. Well, the Superbowl was coming up, so I told him,‘We’re watching the Superbowl on Superbowl Sunday and that’s that.’”
“Was Sunday the white’s TV day?” I asked.
“It was the black’s day and we had an agreement with them.
Snake Eyes said,‘You’ll watch the Superbowl if we let you watch the Superbowl.’ I said,‘No. We will be watching the Superbowl, and that’s that.’
I went and worked out with two buddies I’d made. A white guy comes out and says,‘Hey, Iron Man, I think the Mexicans are gonna jump us when we go back into the pod.’ And I said,‘Let’s go find out right now.’
We go in. Snake Eyes is standing there with ten Mexicans. He says,‘We’re gonna settle this shit right now. We’re gonna fuck you guys up right now.’ He’s trying to pump up all the Mexicans saying,‘Let’s get these white boys.’
Right then I realized it would not turn out well if the four of us had to fight these eleven guys. I felt rage well up in me. Every single bit of rage that had come from everything happening in my life welled up in an instant – the plea bargain, the marriage, my business, all my fucking equipment that I’d invested every single penny I’d saved and could borrow was being stolen by tweakers and now I’ve got this loudmouth blowhard wannabe tough guy trying to get ten Mexicans to beat me and my friends up, so I….”

What would you do next if you were Iron Man?

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Anonymous said...

Haha,cliffhanger central!

What would I do next? Probably get my ass whooped.

Anonymous said...

If I felt as enraged as Iron Man said he felt like. I would go steaming in hard and fast and take the lot of them on.

JL said...

I anticipate a raw fight, when Iron Man loses his human control, and goes into a state I call the red mist, when you become so angry your vision goes blurry and you can display superhuman strength, combined with time slowing down around you.

At those times, those around you are in very deep trouble, and I suspect in past history such extreme behavior was considered demon possession.

But I hope that's not what happened...

Anonymous said...

You and me, Snake Eyes. Forget the rest.

Mano a mano.

Let's get it on...

(only if I was Iron Man obviously)

Anonymous said...

This is honestly being written before part 2 is read:

It it were obvious that the 11 on 4 match would not end up well then the best action to take would be to call out Snake Eyes and have it out 1 on 1. That is the best option if it was certain that 11 on 4 would not turn out well and was imminent.