12 Jan 08

Question Time With A Crip

Trixare4kids wrote:

To both the Blood and the Crip: Do you believe that the gang lifestyle was the only one available to you due to your upbringing in a particular neighborhood or your particular circumstances? Does race play a part? What about the people in your neighborhoods who don’t join gangs? What did they do or think differently? Without going into specific details, of course, did you ever feel bad about any of your actions or crimes? If you could rewind your life and go back, would you still join the gang? Why or why not? If you had a little brother about to get “jumped in” - knowing what you know now, would you want him to join? If not, what would you tell him to do instead? What would you tell him to dissuade him?

The Crip wrote:

This is C-Ducc the Savage.

I was exposed to numerous gangs because I’ve got family from different hoods. I was more comfortable with 99 Mafia Crip because they always looked out for me and my brother is from there. Race does not play a part. Look at me. I’m an Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. I’m 6ft 3in tall, 240 pounds, tattoos from my neck to my stomach. I’ve got native and gang tattoos. I don’t act like a black man, cuz I’m very into my native traditional ways. However my teenage years have led me to the life of Crips. It’s not just a gang, it’s a way of life. In order for anyone to understand they’d have to walk those blue chucc shoes.

The people from the hood that don’t claim the hood are usually connected to us anyway. We grew up with them and looked out for them. To an enemy, they’d be guilty by association anyway. But if they cross over and bang another hood then they would be in trouble. If he’s got a lot going for him like school, college or going to the army or something, we’d be proud cuz he is one from the hood that is becoming somebody and we’d respect that. Just cuz we are bangers don’t mean we ain’t patriotic.

As far as feeling bad for the crimes we’ve done, I can only speak for myself. They say if you kill a man, you have to be his servant in the afterlife. Don’t know who came up with that saying but I’m nobody’s servant. I only feel bad for not protecting the people in my hood the way we were supposed to. A gang, a true gang, would help out their hood. If someone is in need of school clothes or rent money. If we are the ones claiming the hood it’s our responsibility to help and protect it.

If I could rewind and go back to the past I would not have shot my best friend I grew up with. My brother was shot by some people and my best friend had family from the people who did it. He decided to side with his family, ain’t no wrong in that but my anger and pride set in so I had to do what I was told. The homies from the hood labeled him as a traitor and since I was closest to him I had to delete him. I would’ve still joined 99 Mafia Crip cuz I was grown into it so I am very knowledgable to the lifestyle.

If my little brother wanted to join the hood I wouldn’t stop him. He grew up watching me so he knows what to expect. I’m not trying to sound like I’m hard or anything but I’m only being honest. The more people who join, the more powerful we get. We are out here in Phoenix, Arizona. Don’t get it twisted, we bang out here for real.

I have some shout outs to my fellow comrades who bang the true blue, Cane & Baby dub from West Side City Crips, Maniac from C-C live, Dopey & Grumpy & lil Johnny from East Side Crip XV3 Street, my homeboys from Mountain Top Crip Gang, Dope Man Association Crip Mob, Head Hunter Crip. All my Crip family if you see another Crip, shake his hand with pride cuz we bangin the same thing. We all family like it or not.

R.I.P. Gumby VHHB, Playboy WSC’s LXIV, Nino WBP XXI
Pirros WBP XV3, Smoker VSPL XXII, Crazy C ESC XV3,
Carlos Makil South Side Chandler

99 Mafia Crip Gang Phoenix, Arizona Chapter
much love to all my nationwide rip ridaz
Big OG C-Ducc tha Savage locc’d out till I die
Crips 4 life

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think he's learnt his lesson. Who's next?

Diary of an Irish Woman said...

the prison inside is full of varied folks. The previous post is a letter to Jons folks. Caring, and sincere. This guy the crip I dont think is sorry about why hes in there. The end of the post is a shout out to all his gang mates like hes on the radio.. I understand the gangs can be your family but does anyone think he's going to try and get himself sorted when he leaves there. I'd like to think yes but reading that blog I think no. Thanks for sharing it though. Hope you're doing well back in England having so decent curries !

Anonymous said...

I've not read this through thoroughly, but thought comes to mind about growing up in the midst of gang life as a way of life. It must be hard to turn the other way and make a decent life without facing aggression. Poverty and lack of education can play a part in this, although not an excuse. I suppose it is OK for me to say this and that should be done to help, but surely government should put structural programmes in areas affected, or is this already being done. Forgive my ignorance if so be it.

Anonymous said...

first of all good lookn BIG HOMIE C DUCC i grew up with u im also native/chicano BIG O-DOGG from 99 MAFIA CRIP GANG XV3ST my older brother is SLIM LOC we still out here stronger than ever jus older much wiser glad to hear you still hangn after 20yrs IF DID NOT GROW UP IN THE HOOD DNT TRY AN PUT YOUSELF THERE WITHOUT BEING....CUZ PROJECTS GOT EMTY UNITS IF U WANNA WALK IN MY BLUE SHOES WELCOME TO THE 1800 BLOCC MISSN YOU ALWAYZ DEAD N GONE LOCS....