The Blob of Glob Interview

I was interviewed by Andy, who has served time in the UK, and recently read Hard Time. Here's the link:


Chris H said...

Big Dawg!

It seems that he's doesn't much (if at all) know who you are. The questions are stupid and don't really get at the meat of the book or your story.

Dunno if that's just me?

Hugs & kisses

Chris H

bioengineered said...

its not just you chris H. i believe it was the same as you described. i did notice the comment about "bullet" and i believe i know this man from the halfway house in mesa arizona. if it is the same guy "tattoo on his forehead",he is for sure crazy. the whole time he was there while i was, he was talking about robbing the atm vendor guys because they had it all planned. dude is currently back up in 2005 for 10 years. he is the tue definition of a "convict" and plays the part to a "T".

-big jason

Jon said...


Hard Time touches different people in different ways.