Hometown Launch Party and Live Television

I’m travelling up to Cheshire later today for the hometown launch party for Hard Time on Friday night. Over 200 people are expected. Further details are here. The Facebook page is here. Pics will be posted when they become available.

On Sunday morning, I’m going to be doing live television by way of an appearance on Sunday Morning Live - BBC1's topical ethical debate show presented by Susanna Reid and broadcast live between 10am and 11am every weekend. The prison debate will be the second debate on the show, which should take place between 10.20 and 10.40am.


Cityboy said...

How did you manage to get Susanna Reid - I think she's MILF !

Looking forward to Friday, see you there. Obviously in my trader jacket from LIFFE.

Can you get me a signed pic of Susanna Reid pritty please ?

Best Regards


muzuzuzus said...

HI Jon, Yeah saw you on BBC this morning--yer a right good looker! LOL And I heard you for first time. You sounded at first --though sound quality wasn't great, -a bit of a Scouser? ;)
I thought what you said was really on it of course--By the way I am more than halfway through reading your book now--It is very powerful. I cannot imagine the fukin horror of prison. I couldn't stand it!!!

I STOPPED watching the BBC show when they started mouthin off about '9/11' and '7/7' as though all that is now the suits and mainstream media tells it--ie givin it the propaganda. These people including Zefiniah are SO freaking naive about this it doesn't bear thinking about, and so as not to get wound up I turned off!

my views about prison?
Well---you must have seen the other day, a gang tortured a young lad who had autism and asperger's syndrome, including real sadistic sexual abuse using the victim's own dog on him. THEY dont get jail and are seen smirking on front of MEN.
The victim has to flee manchester totally traumatized. That is WRONG!

Yet you will hear of a single mum jailed for her kid refusing to go to fukin school.

So whats going on? Well the whole system is fucked is whats going on. So how we can even have a rational discussion about this pigs ears I dunno