Manchester Waterstone's Trafford Centre Book Signing

Thanks to the help of Mum, Emily and "Wild John" we had our second best signing ever yesterday, selling 100 copies of Hard Time. The Christmas shoppers were out en masse. Today, I almost have no voice, and Mum's back is hurting from prolonged standing up. I just hope my voice holds up for the 8 back-to-back signings leading up to Christmas Day, otherwise my public speaking career will have be put on hold.   
Emily, the newest addition to the Hard Time team, is a student who emailed to say she loved the book, and lives right around the corner from my parents' house. Even though Mum kept insisting Emily take a break, she didn't take any at all, nor did handing out flyers faze her in the slightest. At the end of the day, she said she wasn't tired and would have been happy staying even longer. Combining human confidence and charm with the stamina of a robot, Emily is a sales machine. She has kindly agreed to help at the Christmas signings.

"Wild John" is a teacher at Oldham College where I spoke two weeks ago. He assisted at the Oldham signing, which sold out (40 copies) much to the amazement of the staff who said it was one of the lowest footfall stores in the UK and originally only wanted to get 20 copies in. He is a natural at sales, talking to everyone. He really stood out in the jumpsuit, and his presence allowed my poor overworked mother who was on the verge of keeling over in the shop entrance to take a break.
Sarah (next to me in the above pic) already owns Hard Time. Spotting me, she rushed into the store to buy a second copy on the grounds that her original copy is unsigned. Bless her! 


 With Kernel, a Manchester business owner.
A big thank you to everyone who assisted at the signing and bought the book and the Waterstone's staff! Anyone who wants to dress up in jail outfits and accost random Christmas shoppers with us at the Chrismas signings please email me at Competition is already brewing between the Liverpool and Manchester Waterstone's, the highest footfall branches in the region. The Events Manager at L1, Adam, has ordered 130 copies of Hard Time, aiming to steal the record set in Manchester over Father's Day Weekend, 122 copies. Upon disclosing this to Matt, the manager at the Trafford Centre, his eyes turned big and he said Liverpool has no chance of beating what we'll sell in Manchester before Christmas. To Matt, I pledged to stay all day in an attempt to sell 200 copies.  

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Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Looks like a good turn out. The kids look like they're having a blast;).....


Jon said...

Thanks, Jacob. Hope life is treating you well in AZ! :)

Anonymous said...

All though I must say wearing those outfits bring back bad memories, everyone is having a good time it appears! How awesome this has turned out for you sir...... Yes my old friend. I can't complain, doing very well. Roller Girl says hello and we both miss U :)......"