Question Time with T-Bone

·                                  Rhys Tubuscus Richardson
What are thinking about doing when u get out?

·                                  Tom Hart
What do you plan to do when you get out?

T-Bone answered:

I am going to work, continue my education in O.H.S.A. (Occupational Health and Safety Act), continue working out, spreading the good news and have a decent healthy relationship. I will come to Europe one day, and hopefully be able to speak to the same enthusiastic open-minded intelligent young people with Shaun. Further out, I hope with Shaun that we can turn my life story into a movie.

Shaun Attwood


JoeyT_123 said...

Aww thats a great plan :) good luck T-bone pal

Zen said...

Zen's advice to T-Bone:-

Breathe deep, relax, be inspired, be true!

Be determined to turn intent into actuality, because Life will test you.

Stand fast to your wishes.

Good Luck!

I watch with interest.


Anonymous said...

you no that sounds really cool :) i hope i can meet ypu one day t-bone would be awsome :), and good luck with the movie that is also a great idea :)

Rhys Tubuscus Richardson

Anonymous said...

I hope T-Bone does well when he gets released. Things just keep looking worse for the States as far as the economy is going. These days its much harder for an inmate to reintegrate back into mainstream society. I wish him the best.

Would they allow T-Bone or Frankie into England with their incarceration history and rap sheet?

~Big Jason

Jon said...


Its up to the passport authority in the US who can decline based on criminal records.