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Tom asked: I was wondering now that you’re out of prison, what are you going to try and become or do you think that it will lead to something bad again? What are some of your other ambitions you want to do now that you are out of jail?

My response: My ambitions are to keep telling my story to young people in the hope they don’t make the same mistakes I did, and to make people worldwide more aware of what is going on in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail via my blog and book. Mike Stauffer, the man running against Sheriff Joe, has read my book and is disgusted by the conditions. He told me on webcam that if he gets elected, he will make positive changes in the jail. Like I mentioned in the talk at your school, I still hear the wolves howling for me to come out and party, but I channel my energy into positive activity now such as karate, yoga, BodyCombat… so I don’t see my life becoming bad again. 

Matthew asked: is what you said in the talk actually what happens in jail and the conditions, are they that bad?

Yes, they are. And that’s all I could fit in the one-hour talk. Click here for a website that tracks the deaths at Arpaio's jail.

Here's a video of an Aryan Brother murdering another inmate at Arpaio's jail:

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Shaun Attwood

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Ali said...

Are US felons barred from making trips to EU countries in the same way people convicted of various crimes in the UK find it impossible to get a US visa?