Guards Watch Prisoner Bleed to Death

I recently received an email from Patti Jones, the aunt of Tony Lester, whose death I reported here. Here's Patti bravely speaking about Tony's death to Channel 12:

In the comments at YouTube, a supporter of Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls Patti "FUNNY lol" and "a terrible actress." How sick is that? It just shows the mentality of Arpaio supporters.
 Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

happens in jails and prisons (juvenile and adult) every day here in the land of the free.

John Sawyer

Anonymous said...

people don't always die from the neglect, but it goes on constantly and NEVER gets any coverage.

John Sawyer

julie acklin said...

Shaun thank you for posting this is sickening that this person would say these things against Patti Jones.I know Patti and this family and i am certain she isnt acting .This story is real and it was gross neglect in Tonys case.It is the mentality of Az in a whole.My son is very sick and still no treatment.i will make sure that this and stories like my own and Tonys family continue to be told.Thank you Shaun.

Paul said...

Arpaio's supporters make me sick. How they can support such disgusting cruelty is beyond me. Then again, the whole authoritarian mindset is beyond me.

As an aside, I just finished reading Hard Time this evening. Thanks for the incredibly insightful read, Shaun.

Anonymous said...

Comments like those left buy Arpaio's supporters can lead to custodial sentences in the UK.