T-Bone on Readjusting to Society

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Hi, T-Bone!T-Bone, you've only been back in society for two months and about ten days now, don't put so much pressure on yourself.It takes time to both heal and get used to what it's like being back in society, which is a completely different world than the correctional system.I agree that a lot of employers don't seem to want to hire someone who's an ex-convict.Tim, have you tried employment agencies? They're those agencies that find people temporary work.Many of the places that an employment agency will send you to are looking to hire new employees.What about construction jobs?Construction jobs pay well, and they usually are hiring, because it's not the type of work that everyone is physically able to do.I hope my suggestions about employment (temp) agencies and construction jobs at least help to give you some ideas.Tim, if you are unable to find work, there's nothing wrong with you applying for social assistance.Don't feel bad about applying for social assistance, if necessary.I'm sure that one person applying for social assistance will not bring down the entire US economy.This is a time for you to recover from your past experiences, and to think about what you're going to do with the rest of your life.If financially possible, try not to get stressed out about finding a job.Life is hard both inside of prison, and outside of prison. Still, it's important to remember that the situation that you find yourself in today, can not possibly be as hard, or as dangerous, as the situation you were in say, four months ago.Now is a time to appreciate your freedom, T-Bone, and to heal.At some point, T-Bone, it will be time to start thinking about putting the dreams that you had while "inside", into action.Dreams such as talking to young people about your experiences, getting your life story made into a movie, etc.It may or may not be possible for to visit Shaun in the UK with your criminal record.If it's not possible to visit Shaun, you might want to consider giving talks to schools in your home state.I bet that the teenagers in the inner city schools, for starters, could learn a lot from your experiences.Whether you apply for social assistance, or do temporary jobs to make a living, at some point, the dreams of the past will have to be renewed, T-Bone.There's doing what you have to do, but there's also trying to do what you feel you were meant to do.Talking to kids in your home state might be a good place to get started on the things that you were meant to do.It's at least something that could be considered... Also, have you thought about writing another book?Regardless of what any potential employer tells you, T-Bone, you have a lot that you can contribute to society, by explaining to society what life is really like in prison.You are also extremely an extremely talented and intelligent individual.You definitely have a lot to contribute to young people."Each one, teach one."So while working on what you have to do to survive, I hope that you will also try to keep a focus on your dreams, and doing the things that you were meant to do.Remember, Tim, it's only been 2 months and 10 days. Don't put too much pressure on yourself at such an early stage. I think that you're doing just fine in your progress so far... Anxiously awaiting the next post about you. May God bless you, Tim.

- Azar