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Here's the murder video mentioned in the Sunday Mirror:

On prison gang rape:

On murders committed by guards:

On gang violence, including the Aryan Brotherhood:

On cockroaches:

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Anonymous said...

Great news. I guess I will have to buy the paper!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic mate I'll def be getting a copy! Told a few people your story, now they can see it for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Congrats .. worthy, keep up the mission

Jonathan B

Anonymous said...

congrats dude :)))


Anonymous said...

Great news mate. All your hard work is paying off. Congratulations....

Jonathan W

Anonymous said...

super duper!


Zen said...

The One Law That Matters
is The Law of Karma,
and unlike system justice,
it is delivers perfect justice,
as it is incorruptible.

The system, being evil,
has huge karmic debts to pay,
and Lightworkers globally are calling for a balancing.

So expect incredible events,
as systems collapse and implode,
and system people go crazy in one way or another,
because government and police bad energy is returning to source.

If you keep an eye on newspapers,
you will see a string of police up in court
for a wide range of strange offences,
and other extremities.

When system people hit real truth,
they often find they have nothing left,
because system values are worthless.

So they crack.

(R)evolution - is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind.

Jon said...

A massive thank you to journalist, Domenic Herbert, at the Sunday Mirror for such a great article. It's well-researched, and he covered a lot of ground - even including serial killers housed in Arpaio's jail. Everyone is well impressed in the feedback so far.

julie acklin said...

Shaun hi friend .March 9th 2012 stop prisoner abuse demonstration will take place at 1700 west washington street phx az 10 am .We will carry coffins and morn the dead .If you would like press release please email me soon.the aclu is launching class action .Please alert media of Tony lesters Story .It already all over uk press.Please publish my march .We are sick of joe and the department of correction inhumanely treating people.Thanks shaun

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Shaun! :)

- Azar

Anonymous said...

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