Job Change ( by Lifer Renee)

Renee Only a teenager, she received a 60-year sentence. Sixteen years later, Renee is writing from Perryville prison in Goodyear, Arizona, providing a rare and unique insight into a women's prison.

I applied for a position within my current work space, Call Centre Trainer/Learning and Performance Associate. There was a gruelling 5-part interview process. Applicants has to conduct 2 classes, while under evaluation by a training specialist and we had to listen to a call and write what the caller could have done better and how we would have coached them. There were 2 separate interviews with the Learning and Performance Specialist and upper management. The 2 week process showed me what an anxiety attack felt like. I went though it with ear aches and headaches yet with a smile smacked on my face I trudged through it. They made us wait for the result. They called us in one-by-one. I was last. But it was well worth the wait. I got the job!
I’ve been busy training for my new position and getting transitioned over. The current Call Centre Trainer will be released in 3 weeks. Talk about pressure.
I’m also attempting to get back into Rio Salado Community College to finish AA General Business that however, is a whole other fight I have on my hands.

Shaun Attwood

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Anonymous said...

Right on Renee, sounds like things are looking up for you. When I drive to my sisters home I end up passing Perryville and it reminds me of you and then I wonder what you are doing right at that moment as I travel in front of the fencing. When I pass it at night and see the glow of the lights outside the prison, it takes me back to when I was incarcerated and locked down for the evening. Our nightly boredom was passed with tattooing,card games and reading. Geez, to think of how many people are out there walking around with my crappy tattoo work on them.At the time we used sharpened staples and a water/shampoo/ground lead mix .Thank goodness for cover-ups.

anyways, I hope you continued success in your endeavors.

~Big Jason