01 July 05

Distraught Pops

Pops stopped by and announced that he will be dead within six months. He followed this prediction with a ten minute ramble about the joys of farming in the first half of the twentieth century, with special emphasis on walking ploughs and the properties of alfalfa.

He also claimed that Slingblade has stopped using TV Guide pages to wipe his behind with. Pops said that Slingblade ate a whole box of Zingers on store day and guzzled down several RC Colas. Then Slingblade broke unusually loud wind and went to the toilet four times.

Pops said Slingblade is a veteran of the Vietnam war. (Perhaps he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder?) On the subject of war, Pops scolded the “Kansas City politician Harry Shit-ass Truman” for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, “which killed a hell of a lotta Japanese children.”

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Richard. said...

thankyou for your response to my earlier enquiry regarding trouble in prison. I hope you stay safe, watch your back, and manage to maintain your admirably calm mental state of mind.
I know nothing of your background, would you move back to the UK on release or stay in the US? Has your experiences of the US legal system and their punative, almost medieval ways changed your view of life in the 'land of the free' any? I looked at that other guy Ricks blog, he writes that he is not allowed any books other than the bible where he is housed. That seems a truly barbaric, cruel and unusual ruling, akin to something the taliban would have implemented.
Again, keep the faith and thankyou for your very readable and fascinating blog.