24 June 05

Following a recent Anal Virginity Threats entry an anonymous commentator asked about prison rape.

Prison rape is prevalent nationwide.

According to Stop Prison Rape http://www.spr.org/ there are now more men getting raped in America’s prisons than women being raped on the outside. They estimate that one quarter of a million inmates are getting raped each year, that youngsters are five times more likely to be attacked, and that the prison rape victims are ten times more likely to contract a deadly disease.

Imagine a young pothead getting sent to prison, raped by older, tougher inmates and contracting hepatitis C or AIDS. Similar scenarios are unfolding in America’s prisons every day, while you are reading this, somewhere, out of the guards' view, a youngster may be being held down and raped.

The mother of a rape victim who committed suicide in prison testified in Congress that a prison warden told her before her son’s suicide that, “This happens to everbody. Learn to deal with it. It’s no big deal.”

Support Stop Prison Rape, check out their website.

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Anonymous said...

You do indeed deal with this topic with humour, but the reader can sense the ever present tension that incarceration must create.
May God watch over you

Anonymous said...

May God watch over your asshole.....