9 July 05

Lunch with Frankie

“Early-outs lunch” enables inmates who have afternoon work or education to eat at 10am. As Frankie and I both attend programs, I was able to join him for early-outs lunch.

After giving Frankie a hug he disclosed that his wife has stopped visiting him causing him to go “straight gay”. Him and his friends asked if I’d “turned gay” yet. They seemed sceptical of my response and declared that, “It is only a matter of time”. Ogling Xena, Frankie complained about the quality of the cheetos on his side of the building.

Frankie was in possesion of a letter from my last cellmate at the Madison Street Jail, Mark. Sadly, Mark’s parents have had to put their house up for sale in order to pay Mark’s legal bill, which has climbed near to the six-figure mark.

Since having lunch with Frankie, I received a letter from him pertaining to George:

Para mi esposa [for my wife]
After reading about George in your journal, I’m very anxious about him. As you know I’m a very jealous man and you are engaged. Don’t this guy know that I will send in the dogs on him and make him pee. You better tell George about Caesar, I go way back and I love the back door.

By the way tell George that it wasn’t your Spanish that led me to fall in love with you, it was your yoga exercises that caught all my attention, and that one time at Madison Street jail when
I caught you rubbing cream into your bed sores. [At Madison Street Jail, Frankie, on his hour out, appeared at my cell window when I had just pulled down my pink boxer shorts and was applying anti fungal cream to the bedsores on my buttocks.] It was love at first sight!

Also, if you need to know anything about your Hershey Highway that’s my department. I’m an expert in that area. I’m also a certified pipe layer.

Well my friend, I’m hearing that we’re being moved to South Unit in Florence which will be dorms… It will be really cool if we end up in the same dorm. Now that will be really nice Englandman.

I’m going to close now but not forever,
Much love and respect,

ps Tell George I’m the number one in you vida
[life] and that we’re engaged. By the way I want to meet this guy so introduce him to me. Take care and forget me not!

Since receiving this letter I’ve told George that Frankie wants to meet him, and George’s response was: “Tell him I’m in Siberia.”

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Anonymous said...

Do you think "Frankie will go to Hollywood?"

Anonymous said...

Why not show Frankie '..the way to Amarillo?' (and sweet Marie who waits for him...)
altogether now 'Sha la la....etc'
Frankie fan