08 September 05

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Arf said...

Stick to the jail observations. Pure social commentary isn't your strong suit.

Johnny said...

With all due respect to you, Shaun, he's right. You're a wonderful blogger, and your stories are often legitimately great. But this, and one you did a while back (somehting about lawyers and Beelzebub) have been big let downs.


Chris Hawthorne said...

Shaun, forget what they say, your blog is your own for you to write what ever you wish. However, I disagree with your rhetoric.

If smoking pot is illeagal, then it's illeagal. Everyone KNOWS it's illeagal, so if they continue to use it then they deserve what they get.

Hang in there dude...

Anonymous said...

Much to my own dismay, I feel compelled to comment and debate with you on the issues raised in this blog, Jon. Whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug is a hot topic for debate. I am fully able to point out to people who conclude that it is that there are many other factors that come into play with drug use/abuse. Often, it is found that people with addictive behaviour (such as not being able to resist all those chocolate bars for instance)fall into the trap far easier than others. The list of other factors is quite extensive and I will not get into it here, but for the sake of argument, I have provided an example. I disagree with you, however, and join others who agree that it is a gateway drug. I have come to this conclusion through my own personal experiences, having read research in the area and knowing a few statistics, and most importantly, having watched the people around me. This is not to say that all potheads will do other drugs. Given your environment history, I would have thought that you would also agree. If you would, I would like you to tell me why you disagree with preferrably no political dribble, but more based from a personal rationalisation and justification.

Secondly, you attack Mr. Bush (of whom I am definitely no fan) for his blatant hypocracy. I thought it worth making a point, after countless debates of my own, on this. Someone once asked me if I would ever want my own children out partying and doing drugs. My answer was unequivocally NO! Is it wrong to want better for your children? Is that not what most parents should aspire for on behalf of their children? Not to mention, that there is not nearly enough (if any real evidence at all) research conducted on the long term effect of drugs. It was only a couple of decades ago that society began to recognise that cigarettes were indeed bad for you! Just think what other drugs are capable of given their strong immediate effect.

I will patiently await for your response, Jon. I sincerely hope the remainder of your sentence is passing swiftly and there have been no unpleasant altercations.


Anonymous said...

With respect to others opinions, I believe Shaun is right. As a college student, the use of marijuana on my campus is almost as common as the keg parties and we aren't even in on the list put out of schools that party hard. I realize that that smoking marijuana is illegal but at one point so was oral sex and homosexuality. As it is still debated if marijuana is a gateway drug or not, we shouldn't be making assumptions of what it will do in the future until we have hard facts.

If other countries have decriminalized or even legalized marijuana it can be said that as an institution they have determined that the benefits of not criminalizing its use outweighs the the hassles of filling our jails and tainting the records and lives of so many young people who are the future of our nation. If we continue on the path we are on now, we are just going to be seeing our future presidents, senators, CEOs, and others with criminal records for marijuana use. It might not even matter in 20 years.

On another note: Shaun, great blog, great stories, and keep watching your six.

Anonymous said...

About what the last person said, the problem is secondhand pot smoke. In the case of tobacco, people can get nicotine seven ways that do not force its addictive poison onto innocents and yet they prefer to smoke it, instead of nicotine gum, losenges patches, injections, snorting snuff, eating cigarettes, and chewing tobacco. I don't smoke, but secondhand, the nicotine acts as a stimulant to me (keeping me from being sleepy) when I have to breathe it. When people breathe secondhand pot smoke, they get high just like the stoners--there have been several movies made on this subject, including a Cheech and Chong one.

I am not sure, but I believe that people in USA prisons are forced to breathe secondhand smoke by the prisoners. Even so, be glad you're not in Japan.

Chris Hawthorne said...

I just think you're all ignoring the fact that it's currently illegal. You know it's wrong, so why risk it?

Regarding an earlier comment about oral sex and homosexuality once being illegal, does that mean we should do everything that is currently illegal, in the hope that one day it will all be ok? You could use that comment to justify doing anything that's currently illegal and it would seem to me to be an excuse for doing something you know is wrong.

dirtos said...

I can't beleive the level of po-faced bollox you lot are coming out with! Jesus wept! George was a stoner - fact. George was a tooter - fact. George was/is a boozer. Drugs are everywhere, drugs are endemic, always have been, always will be. America spends $60 billion dollars a year on drugs. Laundered money from the illegal drugs trade (*Chris Hawthorn note spelling of illegal*) props up the American economy and by dint that of the rest of the world.
The war on drugs is unwinnable, every political leader knows that. They just make the right noises to the people that form the core of their voters (a good percentage of whom are as likely to be hooked on prescribed drugs in one form or another).
The use of second hand smoke getting you high..? Using a Cheech and Chong film as evidence..? That's going to stand up in a court of law isn't it?
The fact that weed is illegal is by the by. The point Jon was making was that weed is a fairly benign substance (as long as you don't have latent mental health issues) that is used by the American Government as a handy means of ensuring a steady flow of customers into its massive and highly profitable prison industry. Cause that's what it is - an industry.

Chris Hawthorne said...

Whoops! I can't spell illegal! Sorry. You can't spell Hawthorne (note the E at the end), so I guess we're even.

Anonymous said...

dirtos, dude, you seem to know an AWFUL lot about the American drug industry. Is there something we should know? And how is the fact that weed is illegal irrelevant? Most of Shaun's article was about how people are being arrested (because it's illegal) and that he thinks it should be brushed under the carpet beacause, hey, it's only weed!

Would you watch you're 20 year old son (lets pretend you have one) smoke a bag of weed?

I think not.

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly! This calls for Markers Marks all round. Jon obviously has inside sources here – check out George’s previous talks with the Man Upstairs..

dirtos said...

Chris, I also couldn't spell 'believe' - so you've actually got one up on me!
To anonymous, I know a lot about the American drugs industry because I read a lot. All kinds of crap, the back of a shampoo bottle will do if there's nothing else to hand and I've got a prolonged stay on the old throne...
The drug industry is something I choose not to contribute to (nicotine and alcohol aside), that's my choice reached after years of research. I would happily watch my 20 year old son smoke a bag of weed if that is what he wants to do, but not before filling him in on the (relatively small) risks involved.
Weed is illegal largely as a result of political pressure from the emerging petro-chemical industries in the late 20's early 30's of the last century. Compared to alcohol it's a massively benign substance, the fact that so many people are being imprisoned because of possession of it is a national disgrace and a cynical exercise in making sure all those new prisons are kept filled. I beleive in certain states the use of sex toys, oral sex and buggery are illegal. Should you be caught breaking any of those laws would you put your hands up and say, "it's a fair cop guv, laws is laws after all, illegal is illegal, you got me with the dildo bang to rights." or would you question the use of such rulings and question the state of the leaders who implement and enforce them?

Anonymous said...

Talking about legal/illegal, in Washington State and Utah it is not illegal to have sex with animals,(in Utah only if it's not for profit).
Isn't the USA a diverse and interesting place?
Animal lover (not in the biblical sense)

Anonymous said...

“Like Hitler said, if you repeat something often enough the masses will believe it.”

Anonymous said...

My landlord lives below me and smokes pot on a daily basis for hours. To me the smell makes me want to gag and it's not great for my health or my career as an actress.
I've called the police for over 6 years now and they've only come out once. My landlord denied ever smoking pot to the officers but it was clear the them, he is a pot smoker indeed for the smell of his breath and the disgusting stench of pot lingering from the apartment was verification enough.
The officers said they would report it to the narcotics division but nothing came of it (I've checked numerous times and nothing will ever be done to him). So if pot smoking is illegal, why won't anything be done?
(If I could find a better apartment in the same area for what I'm paying, I would move.. but fat chance!)

Anonymous said...

Regarding pot being a gateway drug... well, it's hard to say. The theory, as I understand it, is that in order to get pot, one must make contact with unsavoury individuals, who will try to persuade one to try harder drugs. That sounds fairly plausible to me... however, it's a side effect of prohibition, not of any quality of pot itself. If pot were legal, then it would be no more a gateway drug than alcohol is.

Lee said...

Come on up to Canada, dirtos! Small amounts of marijuana are not illegal in most provinces (and the ones that it is illegal will only give you a slap on the wrist) and the maximum fine for trafficking is 2 years.

As for it being a gateway drug. What joke. If that was the case all us Canadians should be crackheads by now. Ha!

Free healthcare for the poor, prisons that are not privatized and overflowing, a very small presence in that pointless war in Iraq. Trust me dirtos, you'll love it! Why not? You're obviously surrounded by government herded sheep down there.